Adventure Matrix Unveiled

Posted by admin on November 30, 2015

2015-iaapa.pngAmerican Adventure Park System and Eurobungy brought IAAPA attendees a glimpse into how we “Make Fun Safer”.

American Adventure Park Systems displayed our state of the art continuous belay safety system Quick Trekker and Adenture Matrix  structure platforms creating a small scale adventure course that was definitely eye catching and peaked interested in our design from adventure enthusiasts from around the world!

Why the Quick Trekker Continuous Belay System is different from the rest!

New to North America, Vertical Trek Innovations has been on the International scene for over a decade. Over 150 adventure parks and zipline canopy tour courses are currently using our patented system. The cost effectiveness and safer, simplistic system should make this the #1 choice for new course construction or easy retrofits of current courses for zipline canopy tours and adventure parks. Most Cost Effective Continuous Belay system on the Market: No Kidding!!!!!

  • Simplicity and Ease of Use
  • Safer 
  • Easy Retrofits 
  • Requires less staffing for operations 
  • Peace of Mind for owners/managers 
  • Top Notch parts 
  • Can be used on short ziplines and long lines over 2000 ft. in length Making Fun Safer! 
  • All our parts, made in France, are stainless steel 316I and stay untouched in the most difficult conditions (seaside, mountains).

Why American Adventure Park chose Adventure Matrix?

  • Light weight: can use aluminum or wood. Heaviest aluminum part is about 80 lbs.
  • Several color options
  • Much Less corrosion than steel structures.
  • Quicker assembly, so you can be up and running in a shorter period of time.
  • Includes the Quick Trekker closed Continuous belay system so your course is safer, preventing accidental disconnects. We make Fun Safer!!
  • Made in the USA! Construction by one of the most experienced aerial adventure park builders.
  • The Adventure Matrix can be customized to fit your needs and property site.
  • The Adventure Matrix structure can be moved to a different location if later desired.

American Adventure Park Systems builds and retrofits Zipline Canopy Tours and Adventure Courses around the world. Our patented technology exceeds safety guidelines, as a matter of fact, American Adventure Park Systems is renowned for our stringent and meticulous safety measures, and we take safety and fun seriously! Not only is our safety equipment state of the art but so are our adrenaline rushes!

The Team

mike sr edit.jpgMike Holder 

Mike currently serves as the qualification inspector for AAPS, and serves on the inspector certification committee for ACCT. He is the authority in North America for zip line tours and high speed zip lines.

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Patrick100x100.jpgPatrick Avery

Patrick's background includes over 5 years in park systems management.

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Michael Holder Edit.jpgMichael Holder

Michael's experience includes 10 years in park systems maintenance.

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Nick.pngTim Holder

Tim's experience includes more than 4 years in adventure park construction, maintenance and inspections.

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