Climbing Walls, Towers and Stair Systems

American Adventure Park Systems understands the need for unique, safe and fun elements that integrate into each adventure park . Below, you will find three more products available by American Adventure Park Systems to enhance new or older facilities.

Climbing Walls

Climbing walls have attracted much attention lately. With the focus not just on fun, but self discipline and endurance, climbing walls are great additions to team building and adventure courses. American Adventure Park Systems is the proud builder of the tallest Free Standing Climbing Wall in the World as verified by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS!


American Adventure Park Systems specialize in large tower construction. Using natural timber wood poles to construct, our towers are not only efficient, and cost effective, but blend in very well with the eco-system of most adventure parks. From 20 to 150 ft high and anywhere from single pole spirals to an unlimited number of poles, let American Adventure Park Systems design and construct a tower for your park!

Outdoor Stair Systems

Lots of people want to participate in the zipline canopy tours. And, to get up to zip, they have to traverse up up up! American Adventure Park Systems design and construct unique cost effective stair systems with safety and efficiency in mind. Let American Adventure Park Systems build your outdoor stair systems!

The Team

mike sr edit.jpgMike Holder 

Mike currently serves as the qualification inspector for AAPS, and serves on the inspector certification committee for ACCT. He is the authority in North America for zip line tours and high speed zip lines.

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Patrick100x100.jpgPatrick Avery

Patrick's background includes over 5 years in park systems management.

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Michael Holder Edit.jpgMichael Holder

Michael's experience includes 10 years in park systems maintenance.

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Nick.pngTim Holder

Tim's experience includes more than 4 years in adventure park construction, maintenance and inspections.

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