Safety Consultations and Inspections

Our team of ACCT certified inspectors check current equipment and reviews past inspections policy and procedures. We are unconditionally dedicated to the safety of your staff & guests. We work with you to create safer adventure courses.

safety.pngAmerican Adventure Park Systems (AAPS) is an institution member of ACCT and portions of applicable ASTM. All aspects of AAPS construction and AAPS inspections meet or exceed these industry standards and practices.

Our inspection reports are completed primarily using the written standards set by ACCT, Portions of ASTM, AEE, CWA, and American Adventure Park Systems. Copies of these standards are available from the above organizations for a fee by contacting them independently.

Our inspectors are qualified and certified to perform safety checks and recommendations on the following:

  • Design of the Challenge Course
  • Installation of the Challege Course Elements
  • Current Condition of the Course & Equipment as well as Corresponding Records
  • Team Building Sites (Low and High)
  • Ziplines
  • Anchor systems (Critical and Non-critical)
  • Platforms
  • Hardware Anchorage Systems
  • Supporting Structures (Ramps, Stairs, Railings)
  • Surrounding environment

American Adventure Park Systems, The Climbing Wall Association (CWA), The Association for Experiential Education (AEE) and the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) all state in their written standards that challenge courses and equipment be inspected daily before and after each use, monthly by in house staff, and annually by a qualified outside vendor. Challenge courses are potentially dangerous and it is your organizations responsibility to receive the appropriate technical training for the use of all challenge courses and all equipment.

The Team

mike sr edit.jpgMike Holder 

Mike currently serves as the qualification inspector for AAPS, and serves on the inspector certification committee for ACCT. He is the authority in North America for zip line tours and high speed zip lines.

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Patrick100x100.jpgPatrick Avery

Patrick's background includes over 5 years in park systems management.

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Michael Holder Edit.jpgMichael Holder

Michael's experience includes 10 years in park systems maintenance.

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Nick.pngTim Holder

Tim's experience includes more than 4 years in adventure park construction, maintenance and inspections.

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