Frequently We, American Adventure Park Systems, are asked what sets our safety system apart from the rest and why should a course consider retrofitting to our product. We’ve taken some time to jot down the answers to some commonly asked questions.

Q. What safety system does American Adventure Park Systems use most commonly on the construction of a new course or retrofit for an existing course?
A. American Adventure Park Systems always uses the Vertical Trek Innovations Quick Trekker Continuous Belay system. This is the most cost effective continuous belay system available. The Quick Trekker system is manufactured by Aeronautics engineers who design the equipment within the detailed CE standards and experts in metallurgy.

Q. How quickly can the Quick Trekker System be installed on a retrofit project?
A. Typically, we can retrofit your existing course within 2 -3 weeks. There are situations when this time frame could be longer. We will provide our clients with a more definite time line during the initial project draft.

Q. How easy is the Quick Trekker to install?
A. Our system is designed to be used on various course structures including course with smart belays, zip line brakes, free falls, swaged cable and standard cable. The Quick Trekker System is specially designed for use between towers. Cable ends can be safely swaged together. Not only is our system safer, it is also visually appealing! Additionally, Quick Trekker Continuous Belay System assist participants in moving through the course quickly, with high through put, safely with no worries of disconnects. Should an emergency rescue situation arise, the Quick Trekker Belay System DOES NOT require a cut-a-way procedure to facilitate a rescue.

Q. How often do we have to purchase upgraded equipment?
A. Our system contains no moving parts or mechanical parts. There are no annual upgrade requirements for the equipment. Our simple non-mechanical safety hooks have very clear and concise wear markings that alert you when a piece needs replaced. Additionally, we provide you with a pin that allows your team to quickly check the gap to ensure the hook is functional. We typically expect wear on our light weight zycral aluminum hook. If you are interested in a hooks that do not generally wear, we offer stainless steel hooks. Although slightly heavier and more expensive than the zycral aluminum hooks, the steel hooks do not wear.

Q. Can Quick Trekker be installed on my existing course?
A. Absolutely! The Vertikal Trek Innovations Quick Trekker Continuous Belay system is compatible with most any equipment on the market. We do require a ½” or 12mm safety cable. The Vertical Trek Innovations Quick Trekker Continuous Belay system is compatible with Head Rush Technologies, most other smart belay systems, free falls, zip line brakes, retro fits and more.

Q How easy it the Quick Trekker System to adjust or replace lines?
A. Vertikal Trek Innovations Quick Trekker System is easily adjustable and changing out lines could not be simpler. Lines stretch. With lines over 400 feet the lines must settle in, they stretch in use and temperature changes can affect line length. All line will need to be replaced when affected by use, weathering or other damage. With the Quick Trekker System, the line can be secured, bolts loosened and the lined pulled through the Mac 3, 4 or 7 blocks and re-secured. Crews need to have detailed knowledge of ACCT standards and construction methods on securing and pulling lines without crimping the lines.

The Team

mike sr edit.jpgMike Holder 

Mike currently serves as the qualification inspector for AAPS, and serves on the inspector certification committee for ACCT. He is the authority in North America for zip line tours and high speed zip lines.

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Patrick100x100.jpgPatrick Avery

Patrick's background includes over 5 years in park systems management.

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Michael Holder Edit.jpgMichael Holder

Michael's experience includes 10 years in park systems maintenance.

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Nick.pngTim Holder

Tim's experience includes more than 4 years in adventure park construction, maintenance and inspections.

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