How to choose a zip line canopy tour!

Posted by aapsadmin on October 19, 2015

georgia_zip_line.jpgNot all zip line canopy tours are the same! Some are cookie cutter, plug and play creations. Some are just a zip line. Many are boring to savvy adventurers. What should you look for?

1) Inspected by ACCT certified inspectors. All zip line canopy tours should have an annual inspection and the best are constantly inspected. Weather, heat and cold can affect lines and the speeds you will be traveling on the zip lines. The safety devices, harness, and ropes need daily inspection. Ask when the last inspection was completed. 

2) Guides should be visible well trained and with you on the course to assist you with any need.

3) Well designed courses will have several levels of challenge. Just beginning your canopy tour adventures then start at the lower levels and you can always upgrade. If you know what to expect go to the higher level adventures. Aerial Adventure Parks are new attractions that are gaining popularity. These aerial adventures are compact with short zip lines thrown into an aerial obstacle course. Aerial Adventure Parks are family friendly and fun but they are not a full blown zip line canopy tour.

4) Zip line canopy tours that are the most amazing are built to explore natural features. There should be amazing aboreal features.  Here in the Georgia, USA piedmont we have many types of huge oak trees, loblolly and montane longleaf pines, large leaf and grandiflora magnolia with understory dogwoods and laurels The landscape will have unique features like waterfalls, canyons, mountains and awesome views. 

5) Cultural features are highlighted. Zip lines are fun for gliding through the forest but the bridges allow contemplative viewing. On the fall line here at Historic Banning Mills, mills were set up with dams stepping down the gorge. Stacked stone foundations of old mills and raceways are visible. In the main lodge old photoes and artifacts interpreted the cultural history. Taxidermy display help display the natural history of the area. 

6) Did we mention the treehouses? What is a tree canopy tour without staying overnight in the trees? The tree house village shown above can be a romantic getaway for two or an exciting place for the whole family to enjoy days of adventure in the trees. 

Some come visit our main facility at Historic Banning Mills www.historicbanningmills.com or we can come to your unique, exciting area to help you design a Zipline canopy tour for your guest enjoyment. www.americanadventurepark.com

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