multi_level_adventure_park.jpgMany developments only consider the acreage attached to the dirt. Adventure Parks and Canopy tours helps you take advantage of the many levels that can be used above the ground. In Belize they zip through caves and use the space below the ground.  So what could you do with all your space.

Consider that some of the acreage you have you cannot build on. It may be too wet, too steep, or too rocky. Maybe it is an old brownfield or landfill and you are constrained from development but you can you the space above it. Zip line canopy tours can use that space. Aerial adventure parks and zip line canopy tours can have four or five levels of use above these spaces. Mountain bike trails, mini golf, lake, pool on the ground with zip lines, or aerial adventures overhead. Zoos and aquariums can be displayed in new ways by adding overhead bridges and zips. More fun and adventure with nothing between you and the animals but air. How exciting is that! What a thrill to see animals in their habitats with no constraints! 

More profitability from areas you already own. New ways to interact with nature. You can go over areas you thought you could never use. Zip it, span it or plan and aerial adventure over it. Contact us at  We can imagine it!